• 17 May 2023
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Can I improve my framerate?

Currently, all screens in the cockpit are rendered individually. This means that the more displays are active, the more has to be calculated. So the performance can be increased if screens are switched off (e.g. on the copilot side). To do this, simply adjust the brightness using the knobs next to the Primary Flight Display.

How can I add weight & fuel?

We plan to integrate a dedicated EFB page for this. For the time being please use the default MSFS Weight&Balance menu. It's 100% in line with the weight and C.G. configuration of the aircraft.

My Activation keeps failing

Sorry to hear that. As long as you install the aircraft via Aerosoft One it requires

Aerosoft One MSFS Utilities.exe

to be running. It should start up automatically when launching MSFS but in some cases it does not (i.e. antivirus protections). Try to launch it manually. It's located at 


If that fixes your issue please check the path of Aerosoft One MSFS Utilities entry in the exe.xml located in one of these directories:

  • %appdata%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\
  • %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\ 
		<Name>Aerosoft One MSFS Utilities</Name>
		<Path>C:\MSFS\Community\aerosoft-one-msfs-utilities\utilities\Aerosoft One MSFS Utilities.exe</Path>

If it's still not working although Aerosoft One MSFS Utilities.exe is running please send us the following logs while being on ground with the E-Jet to [email protected].

  • %APPDATA%\Aerosoft One\logs\aerosoft-one.log
  • MSFS Packages Folder>\Community\aerosoft-one-msfs-utilities\logs\aerosoft-one-msfs-utilities-exe.log

Autopilot doesn't intercept the ILS properly

Please follow the instructions in our Procedure Guide until our own custom autopilot system is implemented.

FMS is refusing Waypoint/SID/STAR

We're currently using the default MSFS flightplan system. This is very limited and we are aware of that. Therefore we already started to work on a fully custom FMS solution. It's progressing well but not yet ready to be released. We work hard to get it done as soon as we can. Please stay tuned!

Import Flightplans (i.e. from Simbrief)

Please follow our Procedure Guide.

PFD/MFD lags

Please apply the recommended settings described here.

How to exit keyboard entry in FMS

The keyboard entry is activated when hovering the cursor over the MCDU screen. The keyboard mode is active if you see a green border around the scratchpad. To exit the keyboard entry mode just move your cursor outside the MCDU screen. If you don't see your cursor anymore you can either move the camera or just hit ENTER key to exit.

Throttle doesn't work

Please read the throttle calibration section in First Steps.

Reverse without axis

If you have no axis to assign to throttle reverse mode you have to map your button to TOGGLE THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST. If you then press the button your throttle axis will switch to reverse. If you advance it, reverse thrust will increase. Put it back to idle and then press your button again to leave reverser mode.

Make sure that REV on AXIS is not activated in the EFB throttle configuration.

Where can I download free liveries?

There are several liveries at flightsim.to available for free.

Is there a GSX configuration available?

Copy the extracted folders into %appdata%\Virtuali\Airplanes.

Is there a paintkit available?

For the E170 we got an official paintkit including layered tiffs and a blender 3D file for a quick preview.

DOWNLOAD E170 PaintKit

The E175 paintkit is still in progress.

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