Section 6 - Weight & Balance

This section describes the procedure for establishing the basic empty weight and the moment of the aircraft. Loading procedure information is also provided.

The pilot is responsible for ensuring the correct useful load loading.


To determine weight and balance for flight, proceed as follows:

  1. Read the most recent values of the Empty A/C weight and corresponding moment from the Aircraft Weighing Record and write them in the Weight and C.G.- Form.

  2. Write the weight and moment of the pilot/co-pilot and occupant(s) in the Weight and C.G. - Form (Table 6-1). Calculate the moment as: Moment = weight X arm where the arm is read in Table 6-1. Alternatively, the moment can be read from the Loading Diagram (Figure 6-3).

  3. Repeat the procedure described in 2 for the front and rear baggage loads and TKS Anti-ice liquid (if installed).

  4. Sum the weights to obtain the zero fuel weight condition and write it in the Weight and C.G - Form (Table 6-1). The zero fuel weight must not exceed its limit value provided in Section 2 and reported in Table 6-1.

  5. Write weight and moment of the usable fuel in the Weight and C.G. - Form (Table 6-1). Determine the fuel moment using the procedure of step 2.

  6. The total weight can be obtained summing zero fuel condition and usable fuel weights; the resulting moment is, instead, obtained summing all moments; report take-off condition (weight and moment) in the Weight and Balance C.G. - Form (Table 6-1).

  7. To obtain the landing weight and moment, subtract from the take-off condition values the weight and moment of the total fuel required. These values are reported in the Weight and Balance C.G. - Form (Table 6-1). Write the landing values Weight and Balance C.G. - Form (Table 6-1).

Locate on the Weight-Moment Envelope (Figure 6-4) the points (weights and moment) corresponding to the take-off and landing conditions. If the points fall within the envelope, the loading condition meets the weight and balance requirements.

Weight-Moment Envelope

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