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Does it include persistent state saving?
How to add weight to the aircraft?
Is the FSS Mission Hub included?

Yes, you can fly missions from Zil Air and Alpen Air. The missions can be selected in the EFB Mission Hub page.

Where can I find the paintkit?

Please head over to the Paintkit section.

Are there any incompatibilities?

Other 3rd party addons

Unfortunately, some 3rd party addons are not programmed optimally, so that they overwrite certain standard functions or displays in the MSFS and change their behavior, which in turn affects our aircraft. The following errors can occur:

  • The DRM popup window does not appear

  • The displays of the G1000 do not work or the displays are messed up

  • The whole addon crashes

To prevent this, we strongly recommend using an addon linker (e.g. the free MSFS Addons Linker Tool) to activate only one aircraft addon per session and prevent mutual misbehavior.

The following 3rd party addons have already been identified as problematic by our community, although no guarantee can be given for correctness and completeness.

If you want to read up the technical problem behind this story, please check out this article.

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