The Tecnam P2006t comes with several unique features that simulate several items such as Ground Power Unit (GPU), Animated Paper Checklist, Emergency Escape Hatch, Emergency Landing Gear Extension and Special Mission Platform (SMP) Livery.

Animated Paper Checklist

The aircraft has an animated paper checklist, stowed initially on top of the Pilot Side glareshield. To see the checklist, simply click on the paper.

The Paper then will move to the left side of the PFD. On the paper, there are three icons that will correspond to some actions:

- Close (X):The Checklist Paper will be put back to its original position

- Stow (Arrow Down)


The Checklist Paper will be stowed to the Pilot side pocket door

- Rotate (Circular Arrow)


The Checklist Paper will be rotated to show the other side of the paper

All of the icons (actions) available on both sides of the paper.

If the paper had been stowed to the Pilot side pocket door, simply hover and click on the paper checklist to put it back to the side of the PFD.

Emergency Escape Hatch

The aircraft is equipped with an Emergency Escape Hatch on the top of the cabin.

The steps to operate the Emergency Escape Hatch are as follows:

Emergency Landing Gear Extension

The aircraft also simulates the steps required to manually deploy the Landing Gears in case of fault in the normal procedure mechanism. The steps to perform the procedure are as follows:

The steps can only be done in Realistic Operation Mode

Step 1 Simulate electrical failure to the Landing Gear by pulling the Circuit Breaker for Landing Gear.

Step 2 Deploy the Landing Gears by moving the Landing Gear Lever to DOWN position. Notice the Landing Gears won't come down from the MFD or by shifting the view simulation to the external camera.

Step 3 Open Emergency Landing Gear Extension hatch on the floor of the pilot seat.

Step 4 Rotate the RH knob by clicking it, then wait for approximately 20 seconds.

Step 5 Rotate the LH knob by clicking it. Notice the landing gears will deploy instantly.

Special Mission Platform (SMP) Livery

The Tecnam P2006t includes a very special livery which is called the Special Mission Platform (SMP) version. The livery is based on MRI (Maritime Reconnaissance Intelligence) which is a maritime surveillance version of the Tecnam P2006t designed and developed by Indra.

On the back, we have an observer station on the right seat with controls to the camera attached on the belly of the aircraft.