The Story


The Searey LSA aircraft is a two-place factory-built amphibian produced to fully meet the ASTM Light Sport Airplane industry standards. It is powered by a Rotax, 4 cylinder, 4-cycle internal combustion engine. The MSFS version is recreated based on a real aircraft. Please note that especially the panel layout can be significantly different between each build. Therefore, we added 2 versions of the aircraft: the factory build and home build version.

The Story

It was mid May 2019. Just one day after “Downtown Brown” (DTB) retired from his 20 year pilot career and he was on a Cleveland bound commercial flight to look at a Searey for sale there by private owner. Two months later, after finally making the purchase, he was flying the Searey home to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Since then, DTB has enjoyed many land and water based adventures in his Searey. His Stanley airfield based hangar (CCW4) near Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada is where DTB keeps his Searey hangered during the colder months. But when the ice melts, his Searey can most often be found based on the beach of his lakeside home on nearby Falls Lake. Located just 20 NM southwest of his Stanley airfield hangar.

Since purchasing his Searey, DTB has made aerial photography a hobby. He regularly posts images of his flying adventures visible to the public and invites you to view his Searey in action.

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Typical Operations

As an amphibian the Searey can be operated on land and on water. There are many nice free- and payware sceneries available for both categories.

⦁ An overview of free seaplane scenery addons can be found here.

⦁ A full list of public seaplane bases for North America can be found at SkyVector.

⦁ There are only a few public seaplane bases in Europe, you can find them here.

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