AFCS Indications on PFD


The Flight Mode Annunciation display, also referred as FMA, is located on the top of the PFD and it displays annunciations for autothrottle, autopilot, approach status, lateral and vertical modes.

The FMA color code for normal operation is as follows:

  • Magenta: FMS commanded active/engaged mode.

  • Green: Non-FMS commanded active/engaged mode.

  • White: Armed mode.

  • Amber: Alert condition.

  • Red: Abnormal condition.


The Approach Status Annunciations are displayed at the top of the FMA upon pressing the APP button on the guidance panel.

The annunciator on the left side is either the armed status (white) or a discrepancy (amber) and on the right side is the current engaged status (green).

The BARO/RA window on the PFD 1 and on the PFD 2 must be on the same selection (BARO-BARO or RA-RA). If there is a discrepancy the BARO/RA window on the side selected to RA will flash amber.

The system will not indicate discrepancy in selected values between PFD 1 and PFD 2.

The terminology used for the system capability levels are:

  • APPROACH 2 (APPR 2) – ILS CAT II capable.

  • APPROACH 1 (APPR 1) – ILS CAT I capable.

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