Can I improve my framerate?

Currently, all screens in the cockpit are rendered individually. This means that the more displays are active, the more has to be calculated. So the performance can be increased if screens are switched off (e.g. on the copilot side). To do this, simply adjust the brightness using the knobs next to the Primary Flight Display.

How can I add weight & fuel?

Navigate to the preflight page in the EFB. You can either import a flightplan from SimBrief which automatically presets the calculated weights or enter your own weights. At the bottom on the page click on start loading to actually apply the weights to the aircraft.

Please don't use the ingame weight menu as it will interfer with our custom logic.

Are there known incompatibilities?

Other 3rd party addons

Unfortunately, some 3rd party addons are not programmed optimally, so that they overwrite certain standard functions or displays in the MSFS and change their behavior, which in turn affects our aircraft. The following errors can occur:

  • The DRM popup window does not appear

  • The aircraft doesn't appear in the selection menu

  • The whole addon crashes

To prevent this, we strongly recommend using an addon linker (e.g. the free MSFS Addons Linker Tool) to activate only one aircraft addon per session and prevent mutual misbehavior.

The following 3rd party addons have already been identified as problematic by our community, although no guarantee can be given for correctness and completeness.

If you want to read up the technical problem behind this story, please check out this article.

Autopilot doesn't intercept the ILS properly

Please follow the instructions in our Procedure Guide until our own custom autopilot system is implemented.

What's the difference between "TO Pitch" and "Trim"?

"TO Pitch" refers to the initial pitch attitude for takeoff, displayed as a magenta bar on the flight director. It's not the same as trim. Setting an takeoff trim incorrectly can make rotation difficult. To find the correct trim value, use the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) to load flight details and check the manifest tab for the "TRM" value. Confirm this value on the EICAS display. Before takeoff, ensure proper configuration by performing a TO Config check, which verifies flap settings, parking brake, spoilers, and trim within the green band on the EICAS.

FMS is refusing Waypoint/SID/STAR

We're currently using the default MSFS flightplan system. This is very limited and we are aware of that. Therefore we already started to work on a fully custom FMS solution. It's progressing well but not yet ready to be released. We work hard to get it done as soon as we can. Please stay tuned!

Import Flightplans (i.e. from Simbrief)

Please follow our Procedure Guide.

PFD/MFD lags

Please apply the recommended settings described here.

How to exit keyboard entry in FMS

The keyboard entry is activated when hovering the cursor over the MCDU screen. The keyboard mode is active if you see a green border around the scratchpad. To exit the keyboard entry mode just move your cursor outside the MCDU screen. If you don't see your cursor anymore you can either move the camera or just hit ENTER key to exit.

Throttle doesn't work

Please read the throttle calibration section in First Steps.

Reverse without axis

If you have no axis to assign to throttle reverse mode you have to map your button to TOGGLE THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST. If you then press the button your throttle axis will switch to reverse. If you advance it, reverse thrust will increase. Put it back to idle and then press your button again to leave reverser mode.

Make sure that REV on AXIS is not activated in the EFB throttle configuration.

Where can I download free liveries?

There are several liveries at flightsim.to available for free.

Are there custom simbrief profiles available?

Yes, please get them here:

SimBrief Profiles

Is there a GSX configuration available?

Yes, head over here:

GSX Profiles

Is there a paintkit available?

For the E170 and E190/195 we got an official paintkit including layered tifs and a blender 3D file for a quick preview.

DOWNLOAD E170 PaintKit


The E175 still uses some kind of legacy object structure which will be changed some day and therefore no official paintkit is available yet.

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