Throttle levers can be moved synchronously by using an invisible clickspot in the middle of both levers.


  • Disengages the autothrottles.


  • Selects the TO, GA, or Windshear Flight Director Modes.


  • AT sets the correct engine thrust with the synchronized N1 for its various operating modes

  • Normal disengagement: AT disconnect button on thrust lever, and AT button on the guidance panel.

    • Automatically disengaged when one of the following occurs: after airplane touchdown, thrust levers beyond the TO/GA position or reverse thrust operation during RTO.

  • Non Normal Disengagement: difference in TLA greater than 8 degrees, or autothrottle failure.

  • Autothrottle Modes: takeoff mode (TO), takeoff hold mode (HOLD), speed on thrust mode (SPDt), speed on elevator (SPDe), go-around mode (GA), retard mode (RETD), limited thrust (LIM), Override (OVRD).

    • TO mode: armed on ground by pressing the AT button on the guidance panel. Engages when thrust levers are at a high TLA.

    • HOLD mode: prevents undesired thrust lever movement during the takeoff phase. Engaged at or above 60 KIAS during the takeoff roll.

    • SPDt: Controls the selected airspeed adjusting the engine thrust by moving the thrust levers.

      • Vertical modes related to SPDt: FPA, VS, GS, PTH, GP, ALT, ASEL

      • SPDt is the active mode when the FD is turned OFF (no active modes on FMA).

    • SPDe: At maintains a fixed thrust setting, and the flight director adjusts the pitch attitude to maintain the selected airspeed.

      • Vertical modes related to SPDe: FLCH, OVSP, VNAV flight level change (FLCH magenta)

    • GA: advances the thrust levers to the TO/GA position.

    • RETD: reduces the thrust levers to idle during flare on landing. Engages below 30 ft.

    • LIM: Autothrottle authority is not sufficient to achieve or maintain the selected airspeed.

    • OVRD: AT can be overridden by moving the thrust lever in any direction without causing its disengagement.

  • TLA NOT TOGA will be displayed on EICAS if the thrust levers are not in the TOGA detend by 60 kts.

Autothrottle Disconnect

The autothrottle will be disconnected automatically if you move the throttles and the airspeed is higher than 60 kts.


  • MAX: provides the maximum thrust rating available for dual or single engine operation.

  • TO/GA: selects takeoff, maximum continuous, and go-around mode settings.

  • IDLE: Selects idle thrust settings.

  • MIN REV: provides minimum reverse thrust.

  • MAX REV: provides maximum reverse thrust.


  • Pulling the thrust reverser trigger allows reverser activation when weight on wheels.

Pulling the triggers is not simulated because that would interfer with physical throttle devices. However weight on wheels check is included. You can't activate reverser if the aircraft is in the air.

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