• RTO: Selects Rejected Takeoff deceleration rate. This mode is equivalent to maximum manual braking.

  • OFF: Autobrake is deactivated.

  • LO: Selects the low deceleration rate.

  • MED: Selects the medium deceleration rate.

  • HI: Selects the high deceleration rate.


  • Modulates hydraulic pressure to the brakes in order to provide a constant deceleration rate corresponding to the level selected.

  • If reverse thrust is actuated, the autobrake system will modulate the brake pressure to maintain the deceleration rate constant to the mode selected.

  • Anti skid, touchdown and locked wheel protections are provided during autobrake operation.

  • Autobrakes will be disengaged when brake pedal pressure is applied, or the thrust lever is above idle.

  • Rejected Takeoff autobrakes will engage when:

    • Thrust levers IDLE or REV.

    • Wheelspeed above 60kts.

    • Brake pedals not pressed.

  • Ways to disarm the autobrakes:

    • Selector switch set to OFF.

    • Pedal braking is applied.

    • Brake control system failure is detected.

    • Either thrust lever is advanced beyond IDLE during autobrake application.

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