Speed Control


Speed control can be manual or automatic (FMS position) depending on the selecion on the Speed Selector Knob. The FMS selection allows the FMS to send its internally defined speeds as target speeds for GGCS.

Manual Speed Control

If the Speed Selector Knob is set to MANUAL the pilot is responsible for controlling the speed during all flight phases.

FMS Speed Control

In this mode the speed command is sent to the AFCS by the FMS. The departure, climb, cruise, descent, approach and go-around speeds are set in the PERFORMANCE INITIALIZATION page 1/3. If a new schedule is desired these settings can be modified in flight.

Default Speeds

The default Embraer speeds initialized in the MCDU by default are as follows.

Flight Phases

  • Departure Limit: V2+10 to 1000 feet and then 210 knots up to 2500 feet

  • Climb: 250 knots to 10,000 and then 270/.73 above 10,000

  • Cruise: 270/.74

  • Descent: 280/.74 until 10,000 and then 250 knots below 10,000

  • FPL "Activate App Speeds" appears on 6R LSK when within 30 miles of destination, which when pressed will bug 210 knots

Approach Speeds

By default the following fixed speed thresholds are set.

  • Clean: 210 knots

  • Flap 1: 180 knots

  • Flap 2: 160 knots

  • Flap 3: 150 knots

  • Flap 4: 140 knots

  • Ldg Flap: Vap

In APPROACH SPEEDS 1/1 page in MCDU you can also switch the approach speeds to GREEN DOT which when selected the selected speed will automatically be set to green dot (+ additive if entered).

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