Steep Approach Mode

This feature is only available in the E190/195.

The E190 and E195 are equipped with a special mode to perform steep approaches. This mode will increase the amount of drag to keep the approach speed on a high descent rate by deploying spoilers 4+5. The angle of attack of the spoilers depends on the position of the yoke. Pulling the yoke lowers the spoilers (e.g. during flare/landing) while pushing the yoke extends them further.


Steep approach uses FLAPS FULL but MCDU is set to FLAPS 5 by default. Remember to change it accordingly on the landing preference page.


When approaching the glideslope press the STEEP button on the left side of the pedestal.

  • A white STEEP FMA will appear on PFD

  • Steep approach mode is now armed. To disarm just press the button again.


When all of the following conditions are met the steep approach mode will become active which is indicated by a green, momentairly flashing STEEP FMA on PFD:

  • STEEP mode is armed

  • Flaps are set to FULL

  • Gear is DOWN

We recommend to set the flaps to FULL shortly before intercepting the glideslope otherwise you will end up in a long horizontal flight with deployed spoilers and high N1.

If the conditions are no longer present during the approach, the steep approach mode is automatically deactivated.


For a proper flare and touchdown while in steep approach mode you need to consider:

  • Start the flare earlier.

  • Initial flare is with power on.

  • High tailstrike risk.

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